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Building Bodies to Last

Building Bodies to Last

The concept of ‘Building Bodies that Last’ began several years ago with a belief that there were ways to heal, recapture strength, and improve movement by non- invasive alternative methods so that as we age our bodies will maintain or regain a lasting strength and healthier lifestyle.

Many people have experienced increased strength, improved balance and flexibility, increased circulation, pain reduction, muscle relaxation, stress reduction, and decreased cellulite.  In addition, individuals’ sugars and insulin use have decreased, migraines have decreased, and joints have become more stable as a result of the non-impactful modality and more information is becoming readily available in its important role of fighting osteoporosis.

Training is time-effective (up to 80% less time), accessible, result-proof, user-friendly, joint-friendly, varied, easy to keep up.  You can achieve specific results for particular body zones that you’ll never obtain with running, spinning…or other exhausting activities.

As a result people have more energy, better mobility, a higher quality of existence, and therefore a changed attitude in their life.

Our concept of building strong bodies, strong minds with strong results is different than anything else you’ve seen or experienced.  Our clients range from competitive wrestlers and marathon runners to people who use walkers or wheel chairs.

We are committed to helping people get better!  We are called “Relax Health and Tone” because people have turned to us for ways to feel better, improve their lifestyle, and regain simple and advanced mobility that is easy to accomplish throughout a lifetime.